Workshop for Hospitality Executives in London

Last Thursday, here in London, I conducted a workshop for 20 senior executives and entrepreneurs from the hotel industry. The workshop was on Entrepreneurial Dispositions and we looked at growth mindset, grit, intrinsic motivation and emotional resilience, with a special focus on dealing with the fear of failure.

Besides a talk and Q&A, I had also planned a tinkering activity. Participants had to collaborate to build a 6-inch bridge using craft sticks. I was not very sure how keen senior executives would be for such hands-on activity but I was pleasantly surprised to see how they jumped into the activity with full enthusiasm. The grand finale was the testing of the load-bearing capacity of the bridges to find the winner, and it was great fun to see the participants as excited as middle-school students (who have often done this activity with me)!

I was thrilled when few of the participants came up to me later and told me that they found the session inspiring because that was the objective of the workshop. Inspired people take ownership of their learning and hence that is what good teachers and coaches should do. A few of the participants moaned that after such a fun-filled morning they had to now go back to their routine!

The workshop was made possible by EP, a London-based hospitality magazine, for whom I also do a monthly blog post. My thanks to Sarah and Natalia at EP for their brilliant organisation of the event and their warm words of appreciation later. I look forward to conducting more workshops with EP.