Remote Mentoring, from London to India

Last week, I conducted a session on Skype for 150+ students, teachers and alumni of SDSN school in village Dariyapur, Rae Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, India. I explained how, when the economic landscape transforms because of disrupting technologies, if skills don’t keep pace, the end result is increasing inequality. I further explained how the 4th Industrial Age, which is still in its infancy, will transform the economic contours yet again and what skills, competencies, and dispositions will be required for success and wellbeing in the 21st century.

I am thrilled that this Skype session was very well received by the audience and for Timeless Lifeskills, this opens up the potential of scaling its operation and reach through remote mentoring. I am now in talks with other schools to see if regular sessions on Skype and Google Hangout can be organised.

The Skype session with SDSN school was made possibly because of the infectious enthusiasm of Amit, a young person who hails from Raebarely and now works with a large consulting firm. This school was started by his father and another gentleman. For the last five years, Amit has been visiting the school as often as he can and is working tirelessly to improve the teaching and learning standards by providing more amenities and more importantly, by inspiring the students and teachers.

Amit’s commitment has also inspired me and when I am in India in July I will be conducting a three-day workshop at SDSN school. I am also looking forward to more remote mentoring sessions for SDSN students and teachers.