Comic eBook>: Yearning for Learning – The Adventures of K

Our comic e-book exploring the concepts of Self-Directed Learning as an essential life skill to grow, learn and flourish in the 21st century and beyond. In the comic, K, the 15-year-old hero, dives deep into understanding the dispositions of an inspired learner.

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ebook: Fire Up the Learner Within – The Art of Self-Directed Learning

Whether you are preparing for an exam, or learning for a new job mandate, or learning more about a hobby, or you simply want to pursue learning for the sheer joy of it, this book will help you improve your self-directed learning skills. The book covers four topics: To Learn: how to build your inner strength to learn; To Know: how to become better at acquiring knowledge of a subject matter; To Understand: how to develop modes of thinking that help you look at the world in a different way; To Perform – how to attain mastery of a topic or discipline.


ebook: Only the Curious Shall Thrive

Ability to formulate insightful questions is a timeless life skill essential for thriving in life. To deal with the vast knowledge now available, especially in digital form, we adopt strategies of skimming and scanning which are detrimental to deep understanding. Questions trigger contemplative pauses that lead to sense making, deep understanding, and insights. Questions amplify our curiosity, focus our attention on the relevant, serve as filters to glean meaning and sculpt thought. With guided DIY exercises, four case studies and over thirty illustrations, Only the Curious Shall Thrive is a book about questioning strategies we can adopt for achieving 21st-century learning goals of knowledge acquisition, deep understanding, mastery, creativity and pursuit of wisdom.

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