Workshop for Hospitality Executives in London

Last Thursday, here in London, I conducted a workshop for 20 senior executives and entrepreneurs from the hotel industry. The workshop was on Entrepreneurial Dispositions and we looked at growth mindset, grit, intrinsic motivation and emotional resilience, with a special focus on dealing with the fear of failure. Besides a talk and Q&A, I had […]

Remote Mentoring, from London to India

Last week, I conducted a session on Skype for 150+ students, teachers and alumni of SDSN school in village Dariyapur, Rae Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, India. I explained how, when the economic landscape transforms because of disrupting technologies, if skills don’t keep pace, the end result is increasing inequality. I further explained how the 4th […]

Workshops in Rural Schools in India, Sept-Oct 2016

Last year, from Sept 21 to Oct 7 I was in India, once again conducting life skills workshops in rural schools in the Himalayas, in Kutch and near Delhi. My focus in these workshops is on fostering a yearning for learning and cultivating independent, critical and creative thinking skills. In these workshops, I focus on […]

A Curriculum for Tinkering with Electronics

Tinkering is learning by playing. Tinkering fuels the imagination and catalyses creativity – both essential life skills for the 21st century. So for my forthcoming workshops in April, I have designed, no curated, a Tinkering with Electronics curriculum. Curated, because I have taken project ideas from MIT Media Labs, San Francisco Exploratorium, Toys from Trash, […]

Role Playing to become Aware Citizens of a Democracy

Last December Atul was back at Jeevanshala school in village Maram in the Himalayas. Earlier, in July ’14, Atul had introduced project-based learning and grade 4 and 5 students had visited a local ‘naula’ (traditional water source) and created a newspaper based on their findings (see our earlier FB posts). Atul was pleasantly surprised that […]

Self-Directed Learning – workshop at Pataudi (a small town in Haryana)

The last workshop I conducted during the Dec 2013 trip to India was at Pataudi, a small town in the state of Haryana. 9th class students, 15 from the local government school for girls and 15 from Pathfinder school attended the workshop. The workshop was held at the Pataudi Palace, courtesy of Mrs Sharmila Tagore. […]